Thank you Robert

Words of Appreciation to Robert Zink

A little over a year ago I began having some very serious issues some people who were of envy of a relationship I have with someone very special to me and being of magic myself did the work to dispel, banish and remove the work that was being done against me, while I knew it was not strong, it was strong enough to affect my home.  As I was dealing with some personal issues it had gotten to a point in where after seeking out magical help from my own family and nothing was changing I started to look at other avenues of magical workings to work with to remove what was going on.

Personally, I was a very high point of stress in my life, while not showing it externally, it was manifesting in ways internally that were beyond anything I have ever experienced.  My personality was changing for the worst, my hair falling out, I was feeling this energy so heavy on me that I again let my family know what was going on and still the magic set to protect and shield as well as remove it did nothing.

Early this year, I connected with Robert via Facebook, being very aware of certain accusations made against him anyway.  Being that I too am aware of certain misinformed information put out there by Mr. Griffin (which is now coming into the light by others from his own Order as well as other sources).  I decided as I felt a strong magical connection to Mr. Zink I contacted him simply to get to know him and to find out for myself.  At the initial point of contact I had not expected seeking him out for any magical assistance and or mentoring.  I simply wanted to get to know the man for who he is.  As I am the type of person who likes to go directly to the source of things, I decided as we got to know each other I would simply ask Robert myself and he offered to discuss them openly after I did a full search on all reviews and got to read the black of it all.  As there are always to sides to every story and it at times is very simple as people may feel as if because of actions they commit and when called on them that it is the person who calls them on it is the one to blame.  Not true.  Sure there are those out there that have issues, but what is the whole story behind them?

I have found in my working with Robert and in our communications that he is a man of conviction, honour and directness when he speaks he does not pull punches it is the truth whether you like it or not.  The truth is not always easy.  I have found him to be sincere, firm and compassionate man and he does what he says he will do as well.  While we all have our days but he is an excellent Mentor and good friend.

I did not initially seek him out for mentoring or advice but as we got to know each other he noticed something around me, something dark and that was holding me back making me a bit darker than normal and asked if he could lend some assistance to me, if I would not mind.  I thought about it for a few days and decided why not, what could it hurt nothing else was working at this point.  We had an initial meeting on Skype and I told him what was going on around me, in my life and home and we came up with a solution.  He took on that which I could not banish and gave me a new daily ritual system to begin working on and to change up from my original routine.  The next day after speaking with him I began doing the work as he did on his end.  Within days I noticed a change, a shift in the energy around me it was releasing day by day.  He was doing the work to cut the cord of the other work that had been put on me, though weak it was there and affecting me.  Now, I have read the bad reviews how he supposedly has conned money out of people, how he claimed to do an exorcism and it did not work, how he charges a lot of money and does nothing in return.  Well, one night I was sound asleep and in the night I was in the astral and out of nowhere felt this amazing jolt of energy come from my solar plexus the point in which when one is cutting the cord from another’s energy is located.  I felt this amazing breath of fresh air around me and saw a beautiful white light surround my body and was instantly relaxed.  The next morning my body purged so many toxins from it I was feeling amazing.  This because I trusted Robert to do the work that needed to be done without question.

Following this I began to notice a change my energy was more awake and alert in my magical workings, my hair had stopped falling out, I did not feel so angry and I was communicating astrally beyond anything I remembered before.  I was with a clear mind and my perception was more alert and focused, I was writing again, only this time with an energy I have never experienced, focused, in the middle of the night, without reference sources everything I was getting from my Higher Self the Mental Universe.  I stopped feeling so out of sorts.  In advising me to utilize another system of magic and allowing Robert to access my energy I found great healing and awake in all my works. 

He then invited me to join his order but only after I had completed the cleansing that needed to be done as to not bring in any residual effects to the Order.  I took some time to think it over, read my works that focused on the E.O.G.D. and it was the same work I have been doing for years just out of a structured format of teaching.  I accepted his offer and received my grade material and taking the time to do serious work, and focus on the magical workings had my Astral Initiation at the end of June.

Being of a magical background and having trained for many years this was very natural for me as well as having been initiated astrally before by the Wee Folk of the dark side and travelling astrally to many lands and cosmos many times prior to this. 

When people seek this level of magical assistance and if having no knowledge of what goes into the workings may feel that nothing is being done.  However, those who have the connection to the energies can feel this work being done.

There is always an exchange of value for value in magical workings and exchanging of energy.

I am not one who allows just anyone to access me, but in this case I am glad I did, Robert has helped me find my awakening and to get back into what I had stopped doing.  He cleared the malefic energy away from me and we I am glad to say he is a friend.

Thank you very much Robert Zink!

Many Blessings in Light

Afsanay de Ly

Caribbean Islands





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